Rent Hookahs on special occasions

We supply hookahs on rent at your door steps on the occasions of Birthday party, Corporate Events, Marriage party, Social gathering, Official party or any other occasion.



(suitable for 8-10 Hookah Lovers) – Get A Quote

Package includes, 3 hookah, 150 grams hookah flavors with accessories.

(Security -INR 2500/-)

For 3-4 Hrs*


(suitable for kitty party / birthday party / farm houses / get-together- 10-25) – Get A Quote

Package includes, 5 hookahs, 250 gms hookah flavor, with standard accessories.

(Security INR 4000/-)

For-3-4 hours*


(suitable for 50 persons) – Get A Quote

Package includes, 8 hookahs with 400 gms hookah flavor (any 3 flavors of your choice) with standard accessories.

(Security deposit – INR 6500/-)

For-3-4 Hrs*


(suitable for 100 persons) – Get A Quote

Package includes, 10 hookahs with 600 gms hookah flavors up to 5 flavors of your choice with standard accessories.

 (Security deposit – INR 8000/-)

For- 3-4 Hrs*


(suitable for marriage/events/large party)

Package includes 20 hookahs with 1.2 Kg hookah flavors up to 5 flavors of your choice with standard accessories.

(Security deposit – INR 15000/-)*

For- 3-4 hours*

Extra hookahs, flavor or charcoal can be ordered with any of the above packages, cost of extra items can be confirmed on inquiry.



Please take a note before ordering :-

  • All our packages are supplied strictly for specified time
  • Economy, Party, large and Unlimited packages can be offered with skilled serving staff on payment of INR 700/- (for 5 hours).
  • Our services are offered within Delhi and NCR. To & fro transportation or travel expenses, as actual, will be charged for delivery & pick up of hookahs.
  • For large packages, a flat charge of Rs 1000/- is charged per 6 hours for transportation.
  • Hookah packages Outside Delhi / NCR can be arranged, on request, cost defers.
  • Payment terms : 100% upfront payment i.e. rent + security deposit. (i.e. to pay Security deposit + Rent). Booking amount is non refundable
  • Advance bookings are highly recommended to avoid disappointment at the last moment.
  • Beyond scheduled package time, INR 200/- per hookah per hour will be charged,
  • Any damage to hookahs will be born by customer. And the amount will be deducted from the security deposited.